genesis of Iranian drones: formidable weapon or placebo by Mimouni from Morocco The war between Khomeini’s Iraq and Iran and its destructive consequences contemptuous s on the Iranian people to activate the idea of having the means dissuasive and gave rise to the idea of creating militias and providing themContinue Reading

En résumé, le phosphate marocain a une influence significative sur l’économie mondiale, en particulier dans le domaine de l’agriculture et de la sécurité alimentaire. Ses vastes réserves et son rôle en tant que premier exportateur mondial font du Maroc un acteur clé sur la scène mondiale du phosphate. l’exploitation duContinue Reading

Une guerre mondiale pourrait réequilibrer notre société et réduire les atrocités Le rejet de particularisation des valeurs de la paix et la banalisation des vies humaines conduiraient inévitablement a la généralisation des atrocités entre peuples et s’achever par une guerre fratricide a quatre poles ou alliances ou les grandes puissancesContinue Reading

Inclusive and respectful approach to Israeli-Palestinian cohabitation A lot of jealousy, violence and greed punctuate the society of the Arab and Israeli communities, which is today a complex challenge requiring a balanced, inclusive approach that respects the rights of everyone. Principles and suggestions that could contribute to building aContinue Reading

what  responsibility in embezzlement in the third world Embezzlement in emerging countries is contagious and uniformly attributed to the West. Each situation is unique and specific to each country and often involves multiple actors, both inside and outside Africa. The elements which have contributed to the problems of poverty, immigrationContinue Reading

The Cloud: Detailed analyses, determining the best approach for a company usin the Cloud: Total loss of direct control over the infrastructure and complete dependence on the supplier. Internet service interruptions across any country may result in loss of access to cloud resources. Customization options are limited compared to on-premisesContinue Reading