genesis of Iranian drones: formidable weapon or placebo by Mimouni from Morocco

genesis of Iranian drones: formidable weapon or placebo

by Mimouni from Morocco

The war between Khomeini’s Iraq and Iran and its destructive consequences contemptuous s on the Iranian people to activate the idea of having the means dissuasive and gave rise to the idea of creating militias and providing them with means financial resources allowing them to glean data and begin the attempt to manufacture military equipment. Unlike their neighbors the Turks and Israelis, Iran has opted for drones taking into account the following criteria: -Reduced in size to be easily transported to their allies around the world -Low cost and therefore easier to manufacture and export, its price is lower has an economical car. -destructive, capable of carrying loads between 5 and 50 kg -Manageable and controllable from the Russian Glonass system thus avoiding Western GPS With these characteristics, Iran has started building a formidable weapon that can be used in clusters and therefore escape anti-drone missiles by exhaustion of launcher magazines. The price of detrones around the world starts at 5 million Dollars and ends at 60 million per unit, that of the Iranians is around 10 thousand Dollars. Drone Mohajer 10: range 2000 km Autonomy: 24 hours of flight Altitude up to 7000 meters Speed over 200 km/hour Payload up to 300 kg of explosive Drone Shahed 136 kamikaze the Russian Kalibr missile is worth 1 million dollars the American Tomahawk missile is worth 2 million dollars The Shahed 136 drone is only worth $15,000 length 3.5 meters wing level width 3 meters weight 220 kg military weapon head from 5 to 50 kgs 50 horsepower engines (that of a motorcycle) Glonass navigation system (anti radiation seeker) The drone is loaded into a container on a truck containing 5 units

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